K.R. Morrison

Lydia's faith in God is strong - at least on paper. But what happens when that faith is tested? Turned into a vampire by the worst - Vlad Drakul - she feels that God has abandoned her. But the opposite is true. Her answer to God's call is the deciding factor in the battle that pits the angelic powers of God against the demonic powers of Hell.

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K.R. Morrison

What happened in the moments after Judas hanged himself? Where did Cain go after the death of Abel? Myths abound, and some of them have similar endings. Cain murders his brother out of jealousy. Judas betrays Jesus to those who want to see Him dead. Vlad the Impaler destroys without mercy, and is legendary as Count Dracula. Three souls, collected and bound together in the same body by Lilith, Satan’s mate and favorite slave. Cain, Judas, and Vlad Tepes all fall into the same trap: weakened by pride but too stubborn to turn back, they become cursed to walk the world through all of time.



Amanda Marie

Two families: one white, one black. One family escapes the oppression of 19th-century slavery; the other seeks refuge from the oppression of nature gone wrong. They meet in the wilds of Oregon, in a world far different from the places of their origins.  Set in 1800s Oregon, Hope’s journey has her meeting historical figures and is a story that will surpass the limitations of prejudice.

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J.R. Wirth

Trying to bring closure to her haunted youth, Mary Elizabeth Stroll's past and present converge during a haunting, day-long interview. In Passing is a dark, yet romantic, paranormal tale, which thrusts two adolescent suicide victims into a haunting afterlife odyssey where they find love and meaning. The journey leads them to intervene in the lives of other distressed young people, all the while amorous feelings grown. The two are then reunited with their lifeless bodies to search for the truth.

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Sheila Death

Meet Fred. He might be a German Shepherd. His small friend Joe is probably a Chihuahua and the mysteries they investigate range from exploring houses to waste bins with contents carelessly exploded across the floor. Squirrels, cats, and raccoons will be the traditional enemies, but who knows what strange friendships might form in this household as an exciting year goes by?



Ian Parson

The perceptions that the World is spinning out of control is nothing new. England in 1840, at the start of Victoria's reign, saw change on an unprecedented level, with nothing seemingly sacred anymore. This groundbreaking novel shows how, in just a few decades, Britain witnessed the creation, acceptance and normalization of amazing feats of design, wealth, engineering, revolution, music, and new ideas from East End factories to West End Theatres.



Frank A. Ruffolo

Jack Stenhouse, a player and a leading Fort Lauderdale homicide detective, scours the steamy South Florida streets to determine why beautiful women are dying from the bite of a black mamba, a snake found only in Africa, known as the Shadow of Death. While looking for the killer, Jack realizes that he’s tired of his boss and the incessant Florida heat, and he decides to move to the action of the Big Apple with his stripper girlfriend, Deidra Lee, also known as Didi, a woman with a nickname to match her attributes. Immediately after joining New York’s First Precinct, Jack is thrust into the action he craves. His first case involves a serial killer who is committing murder to protect the one he loves. Will Jack survive the cold and the concrete streets? To find out, you must enter the mysterious world of Jack Stenhouse.



Tess Votto

When Mom decides it's time to decorate the house for Christmas, she doesn't realize a mouse family has taken up residence in the decoration box out in the garage. Dad and Tony get the box inside, and so starts a wild adventure for Baxter mouse and his family. Baxter's house is destroyed. A cat catches and plays with him. He's scooped up and tossed outside. His now homeless family is in danger from pouncing cats, so Baxter saves them all and settles them in a new, safer home.



J.R. Smith

In the precise moment that she stepped on a plane from Tulsa to Los Angeles, Liana’s race against her own fate began. Bombarded with disembodied voices, lucid dreams, and waking visions, Liana finds herself feeling like she is losing her mind. When she crosses paths with Sean and is put under his protection, her reality swiftly changes from civilian to the next possible martyr. 

Sponsored by her friends and family and seemingly reliving a past not her own, she must fulfill an ancient prophecy and go on a worldly journey in order to see it through. First, Sean and his fellow members of The Order Faction must make sure she is ready for the task ahead. Preparing the Valten and keeping her safe is only phase one of a three-part tale. Only one thing has the ability to condemn this mission to failure: the ultimate star-crossed love.

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Anna Patten and Tim LaSure

The Find of Her Life is the romantic tale of brilliant archeologist, Dr. Maggie MacLeod and her search to find love again after her world is turned upside down. Maggie is at the top of her field, a well-respected doctor and a redhead to boot, with what seems like the perfect life. a wonderfully close-knit and large Scottish family, three brothers who adore her, a successful career in archeology (which happens to be the family business), and her breathtakingly handsome fiance, fellow archeologist Dr. Michael Tucker. Life is good. Then two weeks before their wedding, Michael is killed suddenly in front of her eyes while on a dig in Mexico. Picking up the shattered remains of her life, Maggie tries to bury her loss in her work. Sent on a dig in the mountains of Appalachia, she has a huge chip on her shoulder. To complicate matters, the Appalachian Native Americans of West Virginia send a representative to look over her shoulder. When the pair discover a significant and somewhat other-wordly find, Maggie feels her heart start to soften towards Ben. With every look of his smoldering eyes, she feels herself start to fall and guilt over a lost love sets in. Can Maggie put the ghosts of her past to rest before she opens her heart again?



E.K. Arden

There's no such thing as monsters. That's what we're told, but for Lucy Gaskin, it seems she can't escape them. After being attacked by a vampire and saved by a werewolf, Lucy is thrown into a series of dangerous adventures that threaten to change everything she knows about the world and everything she knew about herself. Who were her parents? Why are the vampires so desperate to make her one of them? What is a zephyr? The secrets lie in her blood.